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UN: Under-20s account for 11% of coronavirus cases

A UN agency is expressing concern about the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the health and education of children and adolescents, who account for one in nine reported cases. The United Nations Children's Fund, or UNICEF, released a report on the pandemic's effects on children ahead of World Children's Day on November 20. The report says data from 87 countries and regions, including Japan, as of November 3 show that those under 20 years of age account for 11 percent of all reported infections. It says the prolonged pandemic has led to a drop in coverage of health services such as routine vaccinations. It says many children are missing out on school meals as closures continue. In April, when the coronavirus was spreading globally, UNICEF said school closures affected 1.5 billion children. The report says more than 570 million children are still affected as of November. The report warns that "The longer the crisis persists, the deeper its impact on children's education, health, nutrition and well-being." It says, "The future of an entire generation is at risk."
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