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Permaculture design expert Matthew Prosser builds a family dome home

Great design can be subjective, but few can argue with architecture that incorporates natural materials sourced directly from the land it’s built on. One stellar example of such design is in this one-of-a-kind dome home built in Turkey. Continue reading below Our Featured Videos Called the 44M2, the project was designed and crafted by Matthew Prosser from Holistic Progression Designs, a firm based in Turkey. Influenced by traditional building techniques in Asia, where the designer lived for 10 years, the building is part art, part function and entirely livable for the young family who inhabits it. Related: Low-impact geodesic dome hotel immerses guests in Patagonian nature 44M2 is made up of three domes. Two of the domes are bedrooms, and the third is the main living space composed of the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Each dome was created using natural plasters from the surrounding earth. The shape and colors blend into the landscape for a marriage between the building and the nature that surrounds it. Inside, high ceilings and naturally carved steps to the second level create flow and, according to Prosser, a “womb-like calming effect.” Aircrete bricks provide insulation, and passive design promotes cross-ventilation to naturally cool the home. In addition, passive solar techniques, such as the use of skylights and custom, round windows, help with natural lighting and heating. Each of these energy-efficient elements of the design match Prosser’s commitment to low operating costs for the family. Inside, custom built-in furnishings, including bunk beds for the kids, a master bed support, seating and desks, enhance the natural elements of the project. All surfaces from the floors to the ceilings are curved for a cozy, cave-like atmosphere. This includes benches, circular windows, arched doorways and countertops. Prosser works internationally, using his skills as an accredited International Permaculture designer to find regeneration solutions. He’s completed myriad projects ranging from home building to playgrounds to providing planning expertise for a wildlife sanctuary. + Holistic Progression Designs Images via Holistic Progression Designs
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