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Nhật Bản trong tình trạng báo động khi các trường hợp coronavirus gia tăng

The Tokyo Metropolitan government confirmed more than 500 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday -- breaking a record set only a day earlier. The capital also raised the pandemic alert to its highest level, but it's unclear what effect that will have on daily life. Experts told officials Thursday that infection is now spreading rapidly. And the surge in cases isn't confined to Tokyo. Japan is recording more cases than ever before --confirming a total of more than 2,200 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide had a simple message for residents: be safe. He said, "I recognize that we are on the highest alert... I would like to ask everyone to have quiet dining. Experts say people should wear masks when they talk during meals." Just last month, fewer than 1,000 cases were reported each day. But the figure has been steadily growing, prompting concerns of a third wave.
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