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New York City public schools will close tomorrow as coronavirus cases rise

Gov. Ned Lamont speaks to reporters on August 7 in Westport, Connecticut. John Minchillo/AP Connecticut's Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont on Wednesday urged caution, saying he is very concerned students returning from college for Thanksgiving might usher a new wave of coronavirus into his state. "I'll tell you what I'm really nervous about... is Thanksgiving," Lamont told CNN's John King this afternoon. "We're going to have tens of thousands of kids coming back to our region from colleges in states where they have an infection rate... that could be 10 times ours." Lamont urged anyone returning to the Constitution State for the holidays to take proper precautions both before boarding flights and once they arrive. "Please test and quarantine before you get on that plane and test again when you get here so you keep your families safe and communities safe," he said. Lamont, who is is currently directing his state's Covid-19 response from quarantine after one of his top aide tested positive for the virus, added he believes another wave of the virus might be inevitable, regardless of the precautions they take. "I see the black cloud of the Covid infections coming over from the upper Midwest, now into Pennsylvania, western New York," he said. "I don't think we're going to be spared. I think it's going to get worse before it gets better." Watch the moment:
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