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Lineup of NHK's year-end music show announced

NHK has announced the lineup of its annual New Year's Eve live music show. The Japanese public broadcaster on Monday introduced the 42 singers and groups who will take part in the 71st Kohaku Utagassen, or Red-and-White Year-End Song Festival. The event will be held without an audience for the first time in its history due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of the 42 performers, 10 are appearing for the first time. New entrants on the red team of female performers include the girls' group NiziU. Its nine members were selected at an audition jointly held by Japanese and South Korean entertainment companies. The two-member band Babymetal, which has a fan base both at home and abroad, will also debut on the program. One of the three first-timers on the white team of male performers is singer-songwriter Eito whose debut song "Kosui" has become a smash hit. Itsuki Hiroshi on the white team will make his 50th appearance on the program. Ishikawa Sayuri on the red team will perform on the program for 43rd time.
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