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Kim Jong Un presides over anti-virus meeting

A North Korean state-run media outlet says the country's leader Kim Jong Un has instructed senior officials to further strengthen anti-coronavirus measures. Korean Central Television has reported that Kim attended a politburo meeting of the Workers' Party on Sunday. North Korea claims that there have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country. But participants at the meeting discussed the need to step up anti-virus measures, as the pandemic has become worse in some countries. Kim reportedly instructed those at the politburo meeting to remain vigilant and to make the country's anti-epidemic measures as strong as iron. The media outlet also reported that Pyongyang University of Medicine was sharply criticized at the meeting for a serious crime that was committed. But details about the crime were not provided. The move is being seen as an attempt to improve discipline among the state organizations. North Korean media outlets have not mentioned US President-elect Joe Biden's declaration of victory. Pyongyang appears to be closely watching President Donald Trump, who has established favorable relations with Kim. Trump is still trying to contest the election results in court. North Korea also appears to be paying close attention to Biden's actions toward the country.
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