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Conversations underway about inviting Pennsylvania lawmakers to the White House

Joe Raedle/Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden has expedited the selection of his Cabinet and is planning to make the first of several key announcements next week, an official said, as part of a concerted effort to show that he is moving forward despite President Trump's increasingly brazen attempts to sabotage the election. On Thursday, Biden said he has settled on his choice for Treasury secretary, but officials said he's also reached a decision — or is on the cusp of doing so — on other critical Cabinet posts, a few of which are expected to be announced before Thanksgiving. Monday and Tuesday are being eyed as tentative days for the first introductions of members of Biden's Cabinet, an official said, with others coming later. Lael Brainard, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, is seen as the top contender to lead the Treasury Department. If selected, she would become the first woman to serve in that position, a move that would help Biden to start to deliver on his pledge to name a diverse Cabinet. But three officials close to the Biden transition declined to say whether Brainard was the final choice, saying it is a closely held decision that the President-elect would likely reveal right after Thanksgiving. But Biden could announce his choice for secretary of State as soon as next week, officials said, along with another Cabinet post. While Biden is well-known for his deliberate and often slow decision-making, particularly on personnel matters, the timeline of some Cabinet decisions is being accelerated because of a desire to move quickly to form a new government in the wake of Trump's intransigence about the election. Read more here.
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