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Cases continue to rise in Japan

People in Japan are being asked to take further precautions after nearly 2,400 coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday, marking the second consecutive day of record numbers. Tokyo is one of the epicenters of the outbreak with 534 new infections on Thursday, another record high. One man in his 80s says he is really scared and he might be urged to stay home again. A woman in her 30s says she is very worried because she is pregnant. She says she is scared to go out as there is no telling where she might contract the virus. The Tokyo metropolitan government has raised its alert to the highest of four levels for the first time since September. There's also another concerning trend in the capital. Data shows the number of people whose infections cannot be traced is sharply rising. Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko is calling on residents to be vigilant, especially as people begin planning year-end get-togethers. Koike says, "We advise people with pre-existing conditions not to dine in a group. Anyone who lives with family members who are at a higher risk of falling seriously ill are also advised to refrain from such outings." Koike is also promoting a dining strategy that is being dubbed "The Five Smalls." That's a small number of people, small amount of time, small voices, small plates, and small factors. As of now, no new restrictions have been introduced and Koike says the government is not currently planning on asking businesses to reduce their operating hours.
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